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What is the difference between Sports Massage and Sports Therapy?
Sports massage is aimed more towards preventing injury and relieving tension and tightness, whereas Sports Therapy treatment includes a more detailed assessment, specific treatment for the condition and rehabilitative exercises.
I am not a sports person but I still have aches and pains, will Sports Massage or Therapy help me?
Yes, most certainly. Although the style of therapy is entitled Sports Massage, it can help anyone that has muscular aches and pains. After all, a day in the garden or cleaning can give you just as much of a workout as a session in the gym! Sports Therapy treatments can help to tackle a number of physical issues from head to toe. 
What do I need to wear to my treatment session?
Please wear whatever feels comfortable to your session. The clothing that you should wear will depend on the area that is being treated. Shorts are recommended for any treatment to the lower limb (from the waist down). T-shirts or vest tops are recommended for any treatment to the upper limb (from the waist up to the neck and arms). Sometimes the therapist may require you to remove your T-shirt or vest top in order to be able to assess and treat the area in greater depth.
What will happen during my treatment session?
A patient information sheet will be completed prior to your first treatment and these notes will be updated after all future treatments. An assessment will then take place to determine your treatment requirements and a proposed treatment plan will be discussed and this will be followed by the treatment itself. During the treatment, a gentle massage lotion will be used that is readily absorbed by the skin. 
What will happen after my treatment session?
Some post-treatment soreness may be felt in the affected soft tissue area, but this is normal and nothing to worry about. Any pain or soreness will usually disappear within a day or so and is normally an indication of the positive effects of the treatment taking place. It is often advisable to allow yourself at least one day of recovery time before exercising again. After any massage or therapy treatments, you may receive some aftercare advice which may include stretches and exercises to assist with your recovery. You may be shown how to perform these during your session or you will recieve an exercise programme to take home with you. It is important that you drink plenty of water after each session and it is also advised that you should ice the treated areas to aid with the recovery process.
How many treatment sessions will I need?
This depends on several factors; such as whether you are recovering from an injury or other condition, whether you are having a general treatment for 'maintenance' purposes and how well you respond to your treatment. Some patients have weekly treatments whilst recovering from an injury, before progressing to regular monthly treatments once they are fully recovered. Return2You will give you honest advice as to your required treatment time frame in order to get you back to normal. Monthly treatments are a popular choice for Sports Massage as this is used for maintenance purposes for optimal body functioning.
When can I book an appointment at the Return2You Clinic?
Simply click here to view our online booking system and find an appointment slot that suits you. Alternatively, you can email with any enquiries.
What happens if I need to cancel or rearrange my treatment session?
If for any reason you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment, please email me at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time, otherwise you will incur a 50% cancellation fee of your treatment cost.
Can children be treated at Return2You?
Yes, Return2You treats patients from age 10+. Patients under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Have a question that has not been answered?
Do not hesitate to contact Return2You and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
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