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Return2You for Employers

Absence of key employees or general members of staff in any sized business can have major financial and operational implications. Our 'Wellbeing In The Workplace' and 'Preferred Partner' programmes are designed to keep your staff and business functioning optimally. 


Return2You in YOUR Workplace:

Workplace massage therapy radically improves productivity and team morale; while reducing sick days. This saves on recruitment costs and enhances an employers reputation as being a fantastic company to work for!


Massage treatments are vital for screen-tied office workers, employees who are constantly on the go, drivers spending long hours at the wheel, people who stand throughout the day, or even those carrying a niggle from playing their sport out of hours. Our treatments are specific to the individuals needs and are delivered using our portable massage table and chair in a discreet location at your premises.

This ‘Wellbeing In The Workplace’ programme is an essential part of our clients employment benefits package. Comprising of half or full day visits to your premises, our sessions are a self-financing investment that pays for itself multiple times over. In many cases, our clients are able to claim the costs directly from their insurers.

Depending on your staff numbers and needs, we usually agree a 2-6 month programme for as little as 4 members of staff for half a day per month; to include an initial assessment and treatment session on visit 1, with 2 follow up sessions. For larger companies, we can agree a multi-day per month programme to include 10-15 treatments per day.

Return2You in OUR Workplace:

Whatever the industry or size of the business, if one of your team is suffering from a workplace or socially incurred injury, ache or pain, we fulfil the role of a 'Preferred Partner' to keep your team fit for work.

Our Preferred Partner model means that we will work with your business to provide one-off or regular treatments at our workplace for those requiring additional care and invoice your company directly. This also means that your employees will value your attitude in looking after their wellbeing, consequently keeping a happy and healthy workforce.


Programme prices are on application and subject to the client requirements. 

Please contact for further details to arrange a free business consultation.

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